Here are the best places to find free nudes

If you’ve stumbled across this article, you’ve probably found yourself desperate to see that ass.
Sometimes porn just doesn’t do it. Sometimes you don’t want to be turned on by strangers. Sometimes you need a more familiar face. Scrolling through PornHub with no idea who you’re jerking it to can be sort of impersonal and passionless; whether it be a favorite porn star, Kim K or one of her sisters, or that girl from college sometimes you need to know who you’re looking at.
However, sometimes it’s difficult to find nudes. Free nudes are even harder to come by; you might have noticed that the girl next door started charging for her nudes too! It’s not just porn stars with Xpost accounts, it’s everyone.
In the age of monetized nudes, here’s were to find the best free nudes!
1. Twitter
Instagram is seriously lagging when it comes to freeing the nipple. Twitter, on the other hand, is ahead of the game. Unlike Instagram, and most other social media sites, you can straight up post nudes on Twitter without any punishment. You can even upload clips of hardcore porn!
So, follow your favorite porn stars, your favorite strippers, your favorite women who post nudes just ‘cause!
The best part about following accounts on Twitter for the purposes of finding nudes is that you’ll be scrolling down your feed and surprise! Nudes! And in most cases, surprise nudes are the best kinds of nudes!
You can also find a lot of girls who post pretty scandalous things who will respond if you slide into their DMs! So, there’s a good chance of you finding someone who’s interested in swapping nudes with you! And I mean that’s the dream isn’t it?
2. Celebrity/porn star’s Snapchats
While you can’t post porn on public Snapchat stories, you can get away with a whole lot and you can post in private stories! A lot of porn stars connect with their fans over Snapchat so you should definitely get in on that! You’re likely to get a response back to your DMs and if they don’t have a free Snapchat they probably advertise their premium account by teasing steamy pics on their Snapchat.
As for celebs, you might think that it’s pointless to follow celebrities on Snapchat. But let’s be honest: the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are constantly posting pics that are pretty damn close to porn. Plus, celebs like Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, and Bella Thorne are 100% about freeing their nipple.
So, be sure to follow celebs like that because you might be surprised with what they’re ballsy enough to post!
3. “Pls send nudez”
Sending this text can be beyond dangerous. I mean, a text like this could get your number blocked. However, desperate times call for some desperate measures, my guy.
Here’s the key to successfully getting some nudes in response to you pleading for nudes… you have to acknowledge that you’re basically begging. You are in no position to make demands or get arrogant. Start a conversation, throw out a few sincere complements, and then grovel.
Acknowledge that she holds the key to your orgasm in her “for my eyes only” Snapchat photos and hope that she blesses you with at least one titty… or, if god willing, a booty pic.

How to Send Better Snaps

When Snapchat first hit the app store, it was hard to predict that it would eventually become among the most ubiquitous social media forces. Something about eight-second videos that vanish into the cosmos just resonates with people, apparently.

Sometimes, however, your snap game can grow stale. Motion sickness-inducing shots of you at a bar or the same old selfie can only entertain for so long.

With all that said, here are some fresh ideas to shake up your Snapchat.

Be an artist

The painting feature on Snapchat is an underused feature. More than just a red arrow or circle to clarify an otherwise unclear picture, it’s an opportunity to show off your incredible artistic talent. Use the painting tool to create remarkable masterpieces that will wow your friends.

Beautiful picture, nonsense caption

Imagine a landscape of rolling hills against a sunset. Beautiful, and potentially snap-worthy – but it’s too easy. It’s trite. How about putting the caption “why do noses run but feet smell” against that lovely backdrop? Game changer.

Emojis. Everywhere.

You can put emojis in your snaps now. So put emojis everywhere. Poop on your friend’s head? A row of martinis at a bar? That ambiguous upside down smiley? The possibilities are so close to infinite it’s brain-melting.



Do it.

Hilarious jokes

This one’s for you to figure out for yourself, but visual gags are among the funniest jokes around. They’re quick and clever, yet subtle. Worst comes to worst, just look up some and steal them. Your friends will never know.

Photos and screencaps

Some of the best, most captionable pictures are old-school paintings and pictures from old books. Flip through a book of paintings and see what ridiculousness you can uncover. There’s a lot of gorgeous Renaissance paintings that are just waiting to be turned into social media commentary on a disappointing new album or something.

Also totally viable are shots of cartoon movies where the character on screen is in the middle of making some big, exaggerated facial expression. Don’t be afraid to outsource your snaps.


If you own a pet and haven’t already sent out hundreds of snaps of it to your friends, you’re a rare specimen. While we applaud your restraint, maybe it’s time to just take pictures of your dog and send it to your friends all the time.

If you’ve already been doing this, time to experiment with the trope. Have you considered putting a poop emoji on its head?

Ugly face photos

This one’s fun because it takes the usual point of a selfie – using an unrealistically flattering angle and poses to convince people you are beautiful – and turns it on its head. By breaking down the traditional approach to the selfie by seeing who can get the most chins, you present a remarkable critique of a widely-accepted cultural norm. And we all know that nuanced social commentary was the natural endpoint of the social media movement.

Get with the times. Push the envelope. Put a poop emoji on society.  It’s a nice change from the usual snapchat sex posts that you probably usually send.

Want to learn more?  Check out this crazy video