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Intro to Pet Care Services

Save the date to attend the foremost event in the pet care industry for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a pet care services business: Intro to Pet Care Services, presented by the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA), to be held in April 2011 in Houston, Texas! 

Intro to Pet Care Services will feature a number of industry thought leaders who will provide you with key insights into industry issues, such as successfully managing your facility; avoiding mistakes in design and material selection; learning how to best provide high-quality services, and other industry tips and trends for effective business planning to achieve growth in the future.

The pet care services industry is expected to grow from a $53 billion industry in 2009 to more than $70 billion by 2014.

Intro to Pet Care Services will equip you with a deeper understanding of this exciting and growing business sector to turn your business vision into a reality.

PCSA is proud to serve more than 2,100 active pet care service facilities throughout the world.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are thrilled to provide you with the education and tools you need to achieve your business goals.

Look for more detailed information about Intro to Pet Care Services coming soon!

PCSA is happy to bring you the Level I and Level II study material in electronic form. Instead of waiting for your book in the mail, you can now receive it via email.

You must have Adobe Reader to access the study material. For Adobe Reader click here.

To enroll call the Education Department at 800-218-9123

Pet Care Services Association’s Education Program offers the industry’s premier learning experience which will prepare you for today’s competitive pet services market.

Learn the basic principles of animal care and customer service. Develop the management and professional skills needed to operate a pet service facility in today’s environment.

Pet Care Services Association’s Education Program promotes the professional development of each member of the pet care service industry through courses that provide the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the most responsible pet care.

The courses are offered at three different levels to fit your needs.

Each level is a prerequisite for the next.

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