What Is The Certified Pet Care Technician Course?

LEVEL I: Certified Pet Care Technician (CPCT) course is a self-paced, home-study course designed to teach the basic principles of animal care, facility management, and customer service.

The course will help facility operators, managers, supervisors, and staff develop professional animal care and customer service skills.

LEVEL II: Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician (CAPCT) course is an intermediate continuation of Level I and provides a more in-depth, self-paced study of animal care and customer service.

The principles of management, staff supervision, as well as business and personal development are introduced. 

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of the Level I: Certified Pet Care Technician (CPCT) course and at least one year’s professional experience in pet care.

LEVEL III: Certified Pet Facility Operator (CPFO) course is for pet service facility operators, managers, and supervisors.

The course is aimed at raising the professional standards and improving the practice of animal care and business management.

The focus is on the management and professional skills that are needed to achieve greater success in today’s pet care business environment. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Level II: Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician (CAPCT) course, three years experience working in a pet care service facility, and be currently employed as a pet care service facility operator/manager. 

Level I: CPCT course is designed to teach the basic principles of animal care, facilities management and customer relations.

This course can be used by pet care facility managers for self-education and as a supplement to train staff.

This is a self-study course and can be completed at the convenience of the participant.

The course exam is open book and can be completed with a written hard copy exam or taken online at our testing website.


As a Pet Care Provider:  You may reduce time spent training new employees, upgrade pet care in your business, improve customer service, create more motivated and involved personnel, reward superior employees with employer-provided training, use the program as a prerequisite for advancement, identify areas which need further improvement, give public recognition to graduates, and identify employees with career potential.

As a Pet Care Assistant:  You will improve your animal-handling skills, gain better understanding of animal behavior, develop better customer-relations skills, make yourself more valuable to your employer, increase opportunities for promotion, and gain the respect of co-workers and supervisors.


The Level I: CPCT course is available to anyone interested in pet care.


Level II: CAPCT course is an in-depth continuation of the material from the Level I: CPCT course. It is a self paced study course and introduces the principles of personnel management and business development. Successful completion of the course requires passing an open book online timed (60 minutes) exam.


The CAPCT course offers the opportunity to continue to upgrade the level of care and customer service at your pet care facility. It provides a benchmark for personal and professional rewards by offering: advanced insights into pet care, successful personnel management, and business development.


Applicants must have successfully completed the Level I: CPCT course and have a minimum of one year professional experience working at a pet care facility.


Level III: CPFO program is designed to raise professional standards and improve the practice of animal care and business management within the pet care industry.

It provides special recognition to those candidates who demonstrate a high level of competence and commitment to ethical standards within the industry.

Certification is based upon submission of all required documentation and successful completion of both a timed closed book is written exam and oral exam conducted by three current CKO’s or CPFO’s. 


CPFO certification provides public credibility and special recognition as a leading facility operator in the pet care industry.

It demonstrates your commitment to a program of continuing professional improvement that adds to your knowledge of animal care and business expertise. 


At this time the written and oral exams are administered, CPFO candidates must:

  • Have at least three years of experience working in a pet boarding facility
  • Be currently employed as a boarding facility operator/manager
  • Be of acceptable character, ability, and reputation
  • Pledge adherence to the PCSA Code of Ethics and Pet Owners’ Bill of Rights
  • Have successfully completed both the Level I: CPCT and Level II: CAPCT courses
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