Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Care

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the Pet Care Services Association?

Pet Care Services Association members offer a variety of services to pet owners including boarding, dog daycare, grooming, animal training, pet supply sales and shipping.

Why should a pet care facility or business join PCSA?

The Pet Care Services Association provides publications, regional meetings, a national convention, an education program, an ethics program, an accreditation program, an insurance program, information and networking.

Basically, the association provides members with all the information and tools they need to ensure that their businesses offer the most professional, skilled pet-care available and provides pet owners with the information they need to select a satisfactory pet-care provider.

Who should attend the PCSA Intro to Pet Care Services Meeting?

The PCSA Intro to Pet Care Services Meeting is designed to provide individuals who are not a part of the industry with complete information about entering the pet care facility industry and to provide current pet care facility operators with an overview of good boarding facility management practices.

With a wide range of speakers with different levels expertise, PCSA is able to offer attendees over 30 years worth of experience in the pet care industry.

Does the Pet Care Services Association publish a standard business plan?

Yes. Guidelines for Creating a Business Plan can be purchased on line at our General Store or over the phone by calling 800-218-9123.

How do I register a complaint about a pet care facility and how does the Pet Care Services Association handle the complaint?

The Pet Care Services Association has no jurisdiction over non-member facilities, and so cannot pursue complaints received involving facilities which are not members of the association.

If a complaint is received that involves a Pet Care Services Association member, the complaint is forwarded to the Pet Care Services Association Ethics Committee, which investigates every complaint.

Trade association ethics programs are monitored by the Federal Trade Commission, which requires that: Only signed complaints may be pursued.

The party against whom the complaint is lodged must be made aware of the name of the complaining party, and must be given a copy of the complaint.

The accused facility must be given the opportunity to respond to the charges.

The entire process must be confidential. If it is determined that an ethics violation has taken place, the association may assess penalties ranging from a reprimand to expulsion.

Some factors that should be kept in mind are: No ethics investigation will take place while legal action against the offending facility is pending or in progress.

The association may not impose any financial penalties. To obtain an ethics complaint form please call or write the Pet Care Services Association. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Where can I find information about zoning for a pet care facility?

Zoning regulations may be established at any of several levels (County, City, Township, etc.). Therefore, information about appropriate zoning regulations must be obtained from the zoning office of whichever government agency has jurisdiction over the site involved.

Does the Pet Care Services Association have building specifications, suggestions or designs available to purchase?

The Pet Care Services Association Voluntary Facilities Accreditation (VFA) Program contains over 200 standards of operation that many find helpful when planning their pet care facilities. These VFA Evaluation Standards, as well as A Collection of Kennel Floor Plans are available for sale through PCSA’s General Store. We can also provide a list of architects who specialize in pet care facility design.

How can I find a pet care facility in a town I will be visiting? How can I find a pet care facility overseas?

You can access our on-line membership listing by clicking here Find a a Pet Care Facility

What are the restrictions on airline travel with my pet?

The association that specializes in pet shipping is IPATA. Their telephone number is (903) 769-2267.

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