How Having a Pet Will Get Your More Dates

No matter if you’re new to the dating scene or have been navigating it for a while, you can always benefit from a leg up.

Have you ever thought about getting a date with pets? These furry best friends can make you much more desirable and make landing a date easier. Not sure which dating site is right for you? At, you’ll find reviews of all the most popular ones.

Check out how getting a date with pets works:

You Can Worry Less About Breaking the Ice

A pet is a walking conversation piece. You and your potential date can talk about your pet for hours. 

Having your pet present will not only initiate a discussion with others, but it also encourages them to ask questions that lead to an organic conversation, but it encourages them to ask questions:

  • What’s his name?
  • What breed is he?
  • How long have you had him?

Take the pressure off yourself to break the ice with your pup at your side.

You’ll Find Common Ground Right Away

Interacting with someone new can be tricky. What do you talk about? 

An easy way to establish common ground is by discussing your pet. This can lead to other interesting conversations and help you establish a connection with your potential date.

You Have More Opportunities to Meet People Out & About

You’ll have to get out of the house to care for your pet, so why not take advantage of this? Visit your local dog park or pet cafĂ©, where you’ll be bound to find animal lovers like you. 

Your Pet Will Reflect Your Personality

Meeting potential partners can be tricky. At first, you might have a hard time opening up and showing who you really are.

Your dog can highlight the best parts of your personality (with no effort on your part!). For example, an energetic golden retriever can show off your adventurous side, while a Basset Hound can highlight your easy-going nature.

our animal has something to say about who you are, which will come to light in the presence of a potential love interest. 

Bottom Line

Do you own a dog, cat, or another animal? Don’t underestimate the power of getting a date with pets. Hop on your favorite dating app and use your pet to start looking for love!

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